Saturday, July 26, 2008

NYILFF - Shorts Program: Talk 2 Her

Yesterday I saw another short film program and my review is below. Overall, I have to say that all the shorts I have seen have been enjoyable and very creative. When I say that I like some better than others, it does not mean that the other films are not worth seeing. I believe that the New York International Latino Film Festival has done an excellent job at choosing the films for presentation.

Made In Japan – Director: Ciro Altabas – A very humorous film where a man explains his lateness for a date by telling a story of his search for his Japanese father.
Madre – Director: Juan Laplace – A woman relates her story of searching for someone to father her child, while she waits for the results of a home pregnancy test.
La Chambre de Motel (The Motel Room) – Director: Saro Varjabedian – Two student filmmakers have an encounter in a motel room after a shoot.
Casper & Kitty – Director: Franco Parente – An erotic tale of a man dealing with a failed relationship.
The Gift Wrapper – Director: Daniela de Carlo – A sweet tale about a deaf-mute woman who works as a gift wrapper around the Christmas holidays and longs for one of her customers.
Para Bailar Se Necesitan Dos (Two to Salsa) – Director: Juan Pablo Osman – Two immigrants who dance in the streets for a living deal with changes in their relationships. Feels like it should be a feature length movie, would love to see their relationship develop.
Bloom – Director: Lance Larson – One of my favorite shorts in the set, very well directed, acted and photographed. A nice twist in the end that I should have seen coming but didn’t.
The Stain on the Sidewalk – Director: Adam Schlachter – A teenage boy tries to work up the courage to confess his love for a girl who is going out with someone else.
Vamonos (Let’s Go) – Director: Maurice Compte – Two people have an altercation at a rest stop restaurant leading to sinister results. Very good acting on the part of all actors. Feels like a portion of a feature length film.
House of Cards – Director: David Priego – An interesting short dealing with two people dealing with a divorce but trying not to fight in front of their son. Their struggle may lead to tragic consequences. This was another one of my favorite shorts.
Rosas de Color Rosa (Pink Roses) – Director: Otto Scheuren – In what is basically a monologue a woman speaking to the camera talks about herself to a man that she is interested in.

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